Your trailer's suspension system is an integral part of your vehicle and it is important to know what signs to look for when inspecting your trailer suspension for damage or defects.  Knowing when your trailer suspension is in need of repair is not only important to your safety but to the safety of others on the road. When inspecting your trailer suspension, there are key indicators that you can look for to tell if you need repairs. Here, we will take a look at some of those indicators and help you to determine if you are in need of a trailer suspension repair. 

What to Look For

A good suspension system supports the load and transmits full engine power to the chassis frame of your vehicle. Most problems can be found through visually inspecting your suspension systems. Here are some signs that may indicate you are in need of trailer suspension repair:

  • Cracked or rusted frame hangers.
    • You should replace any hanger that shows signs of cracks, breaks, or rust.
  • Springs with high mileage and broken leaves below the number two leaf. 
    • You can check this by inspecting the side of the spring packs. Keep in mind, some cracks can't be seen, rust may appear on the side of the spring packs near an unseen crack. ?If damage is found, you should replace both springs (all four with a multi-axle) with a new assembly to ensure even deflection between the springs.
  • Worn out bushings
    • Even with normal use, these bushings attached to the eyes of your leaf springs take a tremendous beating and need to be replaced periodically
  • Abrasions or tears in the rubber bellows
    • This may indicate a loose or misaligned air line or worn out bushings
  • Damaged or leaking air suspension systems
  • Missing or broken torque rods
  • Check for any shiny or rusted spots that may indicate excessive wear on any portion of your trailers suspension system
  • Irregular wear or heat cracking in the air spring
    • This can be indicated by a buildup of dirt and debris on the pedestal or corrosion causing the surface to mimic sandpaper. You should take your truck in for trailer suspension repair immediately if anything is rubbing against the air springs.
  • Excessive wear and tear on tires.
    • Excessive wear on tires may indicate an issue with your trailer suspension?

Your trailer suspension system is important to the overall performance of your truck. With proper maintenance and repair, your suspension system will last for years and years, allowing you to avoid possible damage to other parts of your truck and trailer. Most trailer suspension repair can be done by a service repair center in a reasonable amount of time if signs of trouble are caught early. That is why regular inspections of your suspension system are so important. Be sure to take the extra time before your next trip to find out if you are in need of a trailer suspension repair.